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  • A complete world instruments collection
  • Hundreds of high-quality instruments from all corners of the globe.
  • ARIA instrument player included
  • VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units

Preis: $169.95

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Product Description
The world instruments library contains hundreds of high-quality instruments from all corners of the globe. Garritan World Instruments offers more ethnic instruments than any other single library. You can build instrument groupings exactly as you wish. It lets you create solos, various sections and groupings, Ewe ensembles, Taiko ensembles, drumming circles, oriental orchestras, or any group of your choosing. The entire World Instruments library is integrated into the ARIA Player and works as a virtual instrument. There is no need to purchase a separate sampler. The controls in Garritan World Instruments are streamlined and standardized, so that you can quickly become familiar with the library. Advanced functions such as auto-legato, playable tremolos, alternation, tongue/slur, and other controls provide realistic results with minimal effort. Garritan World Instruments support all popular formats, both Mac and PC, as a standalone program or as a plugin (VST, RTAS, and OS X Audio Units), and works with supported notation programs. Garritan World Instruments can transform your computer into an ethnomusicologist's dream. A unique feature of the Garritan World Instruments is its support for Scala files to adjust to different temperaments and tunings. While many ethnic sample libraries are equal temperament, based on Western tuning, Garritan World Instruments supports Scala, a standard file format for musical tunings that supports hundreds of different scales. With Scala support, musicians can play an instrument in its native form.

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